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RITAR VRLA Battery manufacturer

RITAR POWER, the safe and intelligent power. Produce the VRLA Battery for Solar, Deep Cycle application, Telecom, E-vehicle, UPS ,Inverter, Forklift etc.

Motive Power Battery

Excellent cycle life and recovery performance in deep cycle use

  • EV Series
    Electric Vehicle VRLA Batteries
  • Golf Buggy
    Golf Buggy Series
  • Electric Tricycle
    Electric Tricycle Series
  • Traction PzS Series
    Traction Batteries (DIN Standard)
  • Traction PzB Series
    Traction Batteries(BS Standard)
  • General Traction
    General Traction Series
  • Factory Explosion-proof
    Factory Explosion-proof Series
  • Mine Explosion-proof
    Mine Explosion-proof Series


Electric motorcycles, electric bikes, golf cars, wheelchairs, electric tractors

  • Electric Bicycles

  • Electric Motorcycles

  • Glof Buggies

  • Forklifts

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