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Ritar Debuted at China Trade Fair 2017 Poland

Warsaw, June 6-8, 2017, China Trade Fair 2017 Poland & China Machinex Poland 2017 took place as the most effective platform for leading Chinese companies seeking to do business in Central & Eastern Europe.




Following "the Belt and Road" strategy, Rita further expands the Central and Eastern Europe markets. Poland is the Belt and Road gateway to Europe, and this exhibition offers a good platform for Ritar to contact and communicate with users in Poland, together to achieve long-term strategic cooperation, to provide safe and reliable battery storage solutions to Poland and the Central and Eastern Europe.


At the debut of the fair, Ritar showcased the latest series of lead-acid battery products, including AGM batteries, deep cycle batteries, gel batteries, OPzV, OPzS and so on. As a comprehensive trade fair, there were enterprises from all walks of life, and Ritar batteries and storage solutions attracted the attention of many visitors. Ritar booth was one of those has the largest flow of people, and has become the new focus of the fair. The professional visitors showed great interest in Ritar batteries, and the Ritar team fully introduced the exhibits and patiently answered each visitor's inquiries.







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