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Intersolar Europe: Ritar Power is Applauded for Excellent Product Quality

Rirtar attended Intersolar Europe 2018 in Munich, Germany during June 20 ~22 2018. At this World’s largest solar fair in the solar industry, Rirtar showcased the latest energy storage batteries and energy storage system solutions, and demonstrated the competitiveness as the leading battery manufacturer in China.

 At the exhibition, Ritar highlighted its new lead acid batteries including Lead Carbon, Deep Cycle, GEL, OPzV, OPzS batteries and Solar Generator etc, and presented Chinese tea art performances, which attracted a lot of visitors. The new launched lead carbon batteries and the Ritar Vietnam Plant which is going to start production in July aroused greater interests from customers than other competitors in the battery square and also would reinforce customers’ confidence for Ritar.



Ritar booth and products won high attention and praise 

Ritar sales representatives delivered Chinese tea art performances for visiting customers and invited them to tea while discussing and sharing information of the latest products and industry technology, which won praises from visitors and made Ritar’s booth very popular.

The happiest things while meeting customers are to hear their recognitions and praises of Ritar products. An old customer came to our booth and smiled and gave the thumb-up, “Ritar batteries are excellent!” He bought some Ritar batteries in 2008. Two of them went under water due to flooding then he put them into storage. Last month he took them out, used them at an 8 stage charger. The batteries work! This made him very happy and he shared this good news with us excitedly once he came to our booth. He kept recommending Ritar battery to other customers on site and proved with his own example that Ritar battery is the best in all the batteries he used and even better than those famed brands he used!


The Ritar battery bought by the customer 10 years ago is still working!






 Lead Carbon Battery and Ritar Vietnam Plant becoming new high lights

Lead carbon batteries and intelligent cloud battery technology are Ritar’s latest products and solutions. On the basis of deep cycle technology, Ritar lead carbon technology improves the formula of negative plate material, adds additives with more conductive ability and improves production techniques to greatly decrease battery internal resistance and improve fast charge/discharge capacity and the PSOC of battery. The cycle life of the battery is nine times longer than AGM battery. Lead carbon batteries can be widely used in solar/wind energy system, electricity system, mobile communication base station, energy storage power station, etc.

Ritar Vietnam Plant will be put into production in July this year. It is equipped with highly automated production lines, has a complete product line, large-scale investment of USD80 million and land area of 110,000 square meters, which will make it become the largest Sealed Lead Acid Battery manufacturer in Vietnam. It is also an important step for Ritar to provide more options for customers and go forward for Internationalization.





Ritar always keeps the whole world in view and actively exploits overseas market. Now Ritar has supplied products and services for more than 200 countries and regions across the globe and is winning more and more recognition in the international market. In the future, Ritar will keep insisting on product innovation and customer orientation to meet global users’ demands and even exceed their expectations; and striving to become the strong support of the world energy.



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